/Braford Farm Launches the First Pig Artificial Insemination Station In Mashonaland West

Braford Farm Launches the First Pig Artificial Insemination Station In Mashonaland West

Host farmer and agriggator, Mr. George Mudanga of Braford farm, in Chegutu, Mashonaland West celebrated the launch of the state of the art, pig artificial insemination station on his his farm, as part of the pork value chain development programme under the ZAGP European Union funded VALUE project.

Speaking at the launch event, graced by the

The Deputy Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, Head of Cooperation at the European Union, Mr. Franck Porte, Chief Ngezi,
Chief Director in DVS, Director of the Pig Industry Board Mr. Andrew Shoniwa, ZAGP Representative, Mr. Munhamo Chisvo, AAZ Country Director Mr. Joy Mabenge,
VALUE Project Principals and Team Leader Mr. Newton Chari, Representatives of the Pig Producers Association of Zimbabwe, farmers and several stakeholders, Mr. Mudanga said, “It is indeed a momentous occasion as we all gather here today, fellow farmers, key development partners, and government dignitaries whose toil, daily, plays an important role towards the development of the pig industry in Zimbabwe.”

Mr. Mudanga, who is also the Chairperson of the Pork Producers Association of Zimbabwe (PPAZ), said that, he, “believe without the support of European Union, the government of Zimbabwe, key stakeholders, and partners, it is certain that we may not be here launching this AI station today.”

The highly successful and diversified farmer said that, he was, “grateful to this support, which at entry level enabled us to procure a mixture of large white, landrace and Duroc breeds broken as follows: 200 F1 gilts, 30 Grandparents gilts and 15 grandparent boars as breeding stock which costed almost USD 90 000.00. The Grandparent stock cost an average of $1 100 each as this carries the semen type, we are tapping and selling to farmers.”

The AI station was an additional investment from this action, which the set up costed us US$18,000.00 (purchase of equipment in South Africa US$14,500.00, freight and clearing $1,000.00 and construction $2,500.00).

The farmer revealed that, the “two investments above are now making it possible for us sell semen to farmers for USD 5 per dose, meaning $10 for two doses which are required to successfully service your gilts and sows. Any commercially oriented farmer will see value in procuring semen doses at $10 other than having to bear the cost of the GP which remains out of reach for many.”

Mr. Mudanga added taht it was his intention “to ensure what we tap the 5 Grandparent Stock in trusted to us to the maximum capacity, meaning we can secure 30 to 50 doses from each GP per week. From the 5GP we can get 150 to 250 semen doses per week and on average 600 to 1000 doses per month. Looking at the processes to ensure we supply quality semen to farmers; I can safely say that 50% of the semen which is 300 to 500 doses will be available for sale on monthly basis.”

The farmer called the investment a game changer for the community, and “an excellent way to improved access and affordability to superior genetics to small and medium producers in Mashonaland West Corridor and beyond.”

After adopting the Artificial insermination technology, Mr. Mudanga said that he was impressed with the high level of “the efficiency of these genetics,” and he, “witnessed excellent genes in the herd, increased growth rate of the herd, improved uniformity of the pigs, improved quality of the pork. Of significance we used to attain Cold Dressed Mass of 60kg at 23 weeks of age but with the new genetics we have started attaining Cold Dressed Mass of 64.5 – 65kg at 22weeks. This attesting to the improved efficiencies in production, better productivity levels. I challenge farmer to embrace these genetics, you will certainly not regret.”

Mr. Mudanga invited all partners to continue to work closely with his team to ensure that the potential of the pig industry and livestock sector is fully maximised for the benefit of the people of this country. As an integrator and indeed the syndicate, we will continue to work hard to ensure livestock sector regains its lofty status in agriculture, and pig producers can once again smile all the way to the bank.