/Biometrics, a diverse technology with numerous applications

Biometrics, a diverse technology with numerous applications

Biometrics is the most secure and accurate way of authenticating and verifying an individual. In most cases, it is also accepted as the most frictionless form of verification for most individuals – such as the case of the forgotten PIN, for example.

Nicolas Garcia, sales director for biometrics terminals at IDEMIA, said in a Teams interview with EngineerIT that the chosen type of biometric modality (facial, iris, fingerprints) always depends on security requirements and preferences, but can also be influenced by cultural habits, beliefs or other things. In today’s context of a world that still faces seemingly endless waves of COVID variants, we see a trend towards contactless biometrics, such as facial recognition where biometric information can be captured and verified without compromising the health and safety of the individual, and in a most convenient manner.

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