/WeltHungerHilfe, WHH, Strengthening Poultry Production in the Midlands

WeltHungerHilfe, WHH, Strengthening Poultry Production in the Midlands

The Welt Hunger Hilfe, WHH, is significantly assisting broiler, table eggs and indigenous poultry farmers in the Midlands Province in Zimbabwe, strengthening and streamlining their poultry production by encouraging to form poultry production groups and associations to benefit economies of scale when they access inputs form reputable value chain players; and also benefit synchronised marketing of their birds to bulk buyers to increase their profit margins.

Speaking to the AgroSeason, the Welt Hunger Hilfe, WHH, Midlands Head of Projects, Mr. Johannes Chikarate, said that his organisation is educating farmers form associations so that they are able to negotiate for higher discounts when they buy inputs from reputable value chain suppliers in bulk.

Mr. Chikarate said that in poultry production, feed is the most critical input constituting upwards of 60% of the total input costs and farmers are able to negotiate discounts of up to 5% on feed alone if they buy a minimum of 30 tonnes of feed and are able to negotiate for high discounts if they buy more.; adding that a discount of 5% on feed alone can translate to an increase of 4% in profit margin.

Mr. Chikarate said that road runners’ producer need to vaccinate their birds against New Castle Disease and a small bottle vaccinates 1000 birds and should be used on opening to avoid wastage making it important for farmers to buy the vaccine as a group and vaccinate at once. The farmers cannot buy anything smaller and the vaccine cannot be kept any longer after vaccinating a few birds.

 With the advent of COVID-19, all commodity markets were closed by authorities and farmers are now advised to work together with authorities to develop and establish COVID-19 compliant models and facilities where they can sell their products and services from.

By Francis Bingandadi Managing Editor AgroSeason