/The Value Chain Alliance for Livestock Upgrading Empowerment (VALUE) on pigs and goats

The Value Chain Alliance for Livestock Upgrading Empowerment (VALUE) on pigs and goats

The Value Chain Alliance for Livestock Upgrading Empowerment (VALUE) on pigs and goats is a European Union-funded project under the Zimbabwe Agricultural Growth Programme that will run for four years between February of 2019 and January of 2023.

The VALUE project will be implemented in six provinces namely Manicaland, Matebeleland South, Matebeleland North, Mashonaland Central, Mashonaland East and Mashonaland West.

The project is being implemented by ActionAid Zimbabwe as the lead organisation in partnership with COSV and Mercy Corps together with private sector livestock players namely Shamiso and Bradford farms in the pork value chain, Michview and Zvikomborero farms in the goat value chain. The aim of the project is to improve the capacity of smallholder farmers especially women and youths to improve their goat and pig breeds, production and productivity, access to viable markets and organizational efficiencies.
Other goat and pig value chain actors such as research institutions, private companies to provide services to farmers, large goat and pig farms, abattoirs, independent butcheries, chain supermarkets and consumers will be targeted in the implementation of the project.

Objectives of the Project:
• Improve production and organizational efficiencies and market competitiveness in the commercial supply of safe, quality-assured pork and goat livestock and meat products from environmentally sustainable pork and goat VCs.
• To enhance the domestic agribusiness environment through stakeholder organizational development and capacity building for strategic planning and evidence-based policy dialogue with the government to get the national policy and regulatory frameworks right for growth and development of the livestock and meat industry

Expected Results
This project will positively impact on the economic opportunities for 800,000 small-scale goat farmers and 56,000 small-scale pig farmers, primarily small to medium-scale producers who are currently stuck at different suboptimal stages of commercialization and growth.
Source: ww.cosv.org

For additional information, please contact VALUE project team Leader, Newton Chari on
newton.chari@actionaid.org or the Communications and Policy Officer, Kevin Maenzanise on