/Unique Partnership Transforms Communities in Alignment with Climate Goals

Unique Partnership Transforms Communities in Alignment with Climate Goals

The alliance instils green energy solutions that positively impact the environment along with the economic growth of the African people at large.

IMPOWER and Econo Foods have been in a strategic partnership since 2019. The collaboration was founded on a mutual vision to not only embrace sustainability to positively impact the environment, but to add value to surrounding businesses and communities alike by empathising with their needs and tailoring solutions that are commercially, environmentally, and socially sustainable. Further, the duo has proactively incorporated the communities wherein they jointly operate to enable long-term sustainable value transfer.

Multiple Econo Food stores are sited in remote, outlying areas, with energy access to such rural regions remaining a major challenge. In view of this, and in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint, Econo Foods are committed to instating sustainable methodologies across their business operations, with one way being via improving their energy efficiency practices. As such, they have commissioned IMPOWER to enable them to achieve their sustainability objectives. By implementing rooftop solar technologies, IMPOWER has allowed Econo Foods to significantly reduce their energy bills, thereby enabling the company to provide fresh food at a lower cost to clients with less impact on the environment.


Founded in 2014, IMPOWER Pty Ltd. is a specialist engineering, procurement, and project management contractor (EPCM) within the solar and energy storage industry that serves the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) property sector by providing tailored solar and storage energy solutions ranging between 100Kw and 1MW in size. Their engineered solutions encompass world-leading products and engineering methodologies while incorporating their set of value-based principles to ensure that their clients’ systems are built to last and exceed their expectations.

IMPOWER has approximately 25 Megawatts (MW) of active solar and battery storage sites located across the continent of Africa, with a further 150MW currently under development. Today, IMPOWER has grown to be a vertically integrated bespoke energy company offering specialised project development, EPC and O&M services, with a clear goal to alleviate energy poverty in Africa.

Econo Foods

Econo Foods is a leading food service provider specialising in frozen and chilled products across Southern Africa. In their quest to become a prominent leader on the African continent, their company required a viable solution to support their stores during power outages, whilst ensuring lower utility bills and enhanced sustainability through reducing their carbon footprint with renewable energy solutions.

Consistent with their customer-first values, Econo Foods strives to deliver premium quality foods at optimal prices, all while offering an unsurpassed service delivery experience to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction for their valued customers. What’s more, by proactively harnessing green energy solutions, they positively impact surrounding communities and the environment at large. Notably, their privately-owned entity enables them to consistently deliver on their promise to their patrons: To provide them with an extensively customised and flexible engagement from order to delivery.

While the partnership aims to positively impact surrounding communities and the environment within which they operate, collaborative action from both entities also proactively instils green energy solutions that ultimately contribute to the economic growth of the African people at large.