/Beef Enterprise Strengthening And Transformation (Best) Project

Beef Enterprise Strengthening And Transformation (Best) Project

Mat North Cluster

Gomoza cattle marketing facilities unlocking better deals for Lupane livestock producers.
Gomoza satellite Cattle Business Centre (CBC) is located in Ward 12, Lupane district. The satellite CBC has been in a highly dilapidated state that has seen the local community shunning the use of the facilities depending more on speculators and middle men when intending to sell their livestock. Under, BEST program Gomoza CBC is one of the five satellite CBCs selected for rehabilitation in Lupane district. ZAGP BEST rehabilitated the sales pen with the assistance of, Kusile Rural District Council, the local leadership, CBC committee and local community. The rehabilitated CBC has brought about change in the marketing of cattle in the area. Availability of functional essential facilities that include the cattle ramp, cattle pens, water and ablution facilities have attracted most buyers and sellers to partake in the monthly sales being conducted by Inala auctioneers. Gomoza has 14 cattle pens rehabilitated for use as holding pens for livestock.
Small to medium (Stm) scale farmers face insurmountable challenges in selling their livestock, especially at a profit. They struggle to access markets due to arrange of factors such as poor infrastructure, lack of information, insufficient expertise, and inability to conclude contractual agreements. These problems result in their exclusion from the mainstream markets. Therefore, they are constantly trapped in market constraints since it is difficult to change these challenges on their own. ZAGP BEST CBC model intervention intends to address the challenges faced by the STM. The CBC is a hub of services for cattle producers. Under the Cattle Business Centre (CBC) model, farmers and other actors have interacted for profitable exchange of BVC related services. Furthermore, the development approach of the CBC model is that it will be used as farmer’s learning centre from which farmers will adopt, replicate and implement good animal husbandry practices. The aim is for the cattle producers to access services at any given time from a central point.
Inadequate resources such as cattle handling facilities and sales pen have been a limiting factor for the local farmers to actively participate in the BVC. The CBC has been under construction for the past two years and infrastructure that include sales pen, ramp and handling facilities have been completed. The CBC also has solar powered borehole which provide water to the livestock of the villages close to the site. The satellite CBC has a larger catchment area servicing small to medium beef producers from ward 8,9,11,12 17 and other wards also encroach for marketing services offered in the CBC. The rehabilitated structure revived cattle marketing attracting various buyers, as the area has some of the good breed of cattle in Zimbabwe.
The satellite CBC has become the hub of marketing in Lupane district. In year 2021, the satellite CBC has held 10 cattle auctions with a total of 440 cattle sold from 620 yarded. A total of 269 farmers has been assisted through cattle sales and approximately US$99641.00 has been realised during cattle auctions. The monthly sales have created a marketing hub not only for cattle but for other traders during cattle sales. 25 stalls were constructed around the CBC to cater for traders during monthly cattle auction.
The cattle sales hosted by varies buyers have revived cattle marketing and brought about positive change in the depressed prices of cattle in the area. This has led to the industry being penetrated by female buyers, two female buyers have realised the potential in cattle auctions an industry that have been perceived as a male dominated enterprise. Attendance of various buyers attracts stiff competition and offer fair prices compared to individual speculators and middlemen.
Apart from cattle auctions the satellite CBC offers access to animal husbandry knowledge trainings to improve the production and productivity of the StM beef producers. Additionally, farmers are to be equipped with marketing information, specifically price movement and be able to interpret such information. Provision of market information strengthens farmers negotiating ability during transactions consequently prevents possible exploitation of farmers. This will result to StM farmers to gradually transcends into fully fledged beef producers.