/The Manufacturing Indaba 2022 addresses the need for business to swiftly adapt and remain competitive in a post pandemic era

The Manufacturing Indaba 2022 addresses the need for business to swiftly adapt and remain competitive in a post pandemic era

Join the in-person Manufacturing Conversation: Reigniting economic growth through manufacturing
The Manufacturing Indaba Conference will discuss key issues critical to supporting the development of manufacturers. The conversation will take place at the upcoming Manufacturing Indaba taking place from the 21st to 22nd June 2022 at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa . The conference aims to focus on the financing and economic recovery of businesses in the manufacturing industry in a post pandemic era. The event will provide information to support, revitalise and aid manufacturing growth and recovery.

Key issues to be discussed include:

Securing consensus to build an inclusive and sustainable domestic economy
AfCFTA – The Game Changer: Unlocking opportunities for regional value chain integration under AfCFTA
Operation Vulindlela: Driving Structural Reforms to support Growth and Employment
Financing the economic recovery: Critical constraints and opportunities for public and private sector financing of the industrial economy
Leadership Innovation: How to reinvent your business model in a post pandemic economy – Manufacturing CEO’s experiences from the field
Mining & Industrialisation: The mining and manufacturing interface – developing a shared perspective for industrialisation across the value chain
Transport and Logistics: SA’s changing commuter transport, freight and logistics landscape – meeting the challenges of a competitive domestic network sector
Africa’s automotive industry: The domestic and African Automotives sector – progress, threats and opportunities – a model for African regional industrial integration
Growing IDZs and SEZs: The role of Industrial Development Zones (IDZ’ and SEZ’s) in SA’s post pandemic economic recovery
Leveraging the energy mix for manufacturing: Exploring the prospects and opportunities of SA’s future energy mix
Skills & Manufacturing Sector: The skills deficit and mismatch in the domestic manufacturing sector
Digital Innovation for manufacturing: Digital technology application and innovation in SA’s industrial sectors – how critical is digilisation for building globally competitive manufacturing companies and sectors?
Localisation: The business/government model for collaboration and high impact in the manufacturing sector

The event is being hosted to empower members of Sub-Saharan Africa’s promising manufacturing community to identify global trends; remain competitive on a global front; restructure supply chain and fortify local supply network; cultivate a skilled workforce and acquire insight into what incentives are available to better empower their businesses. These discussions will pave the way for a more equitable, competitive and successful manufacturing industry and economy as a whole.

The Conference programme offers a stage for dynamic discussion and debate on the shifting complexity of the manufacturing landscape which deems acquiring constant access to emergent markets essential.